mercredi 13 juin 2012

Do you "Transmedia"?

This month I'd like to introduce you to a new Transmedia concept.

It's a new "hot" topic in media and some of you probably  already use it without realizing it. 

Henry Jenkins, pioneer of transmedia
Henry Jenkins in Paris, May 25th 2012
Henry Jenkins, the pioneer of Transmedia,  during his conference in Paris on May  25th 2012 introduced the following definition:
"Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. Ideally, each medium makes it own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story".

Anita Ondine, transmedia expert specified the elements of Transmedia:
" Stories that transcend media,  Using a variety of story forms,  Across multiple media platforms  Within a unified storyworld. They Encourages audience participation,  A social experience , Embedded game mechanics and are Designed for multiple levels of engagement". 

According to Lance Weiler, transmedia can be used to:  tell stories, develop concepts, rehearse with actors, build audiences, market and promote, develop new revenues streams.

Below I resume an extraordinary Transmedia course : Transmedia Next London (London, 14th -16th May 2012).

"Transmedia Next London 2012"

Transmedia Next London 2012  is a course that I took In London between May 14th and 16th.
 I must admit that it's the best class that I've taken so far.

Actually, I feel like Neo in "Matrix", when he was disconnected by the "rebels" and he woke up in a new "real" world. The difference is that I'm rather "connected"  to a new reality. My brain  is making connections on different levels and ... It's just great. Simply, "This is it!".

Transmedia training regrouped media specialist from different European countries and with different backgrounds.
We were shut inside a building for 3 days and had no choice but to completely immerse ourselves in transmedia. What a great idea! A big head's up to the Transmedia Next team!
And by the way, upon our arrival we received email indicating that one of the participants was missing. Very strange...
But it was only the beginning of an incredible story...I'llget back to this later on. 

We had the lectures with transmedia experts who taught us how to construct a transmedia project from A to Z.
photo de specialists de transmedia
J Marshall, I von Staden, L Weiler

Anita Ondine,  filmmaker and transmedia
Inga von Staden, media expert, innovation mediator, dialogue facilitator and coach

Lance Weiler transmedia story architect, writer / director of film, TV and games
Jonathan Marshall , leading technical strategist in the field of interactive TV

They encouraged us to dare to do things, to share and to have fun. 

Here are some crucial questions that you have to ask yourself before starting a project:
  1.   What is the story about?
  2.   What does the story mean to you?
  3.   Why does the story need to be told?
  4.   Where is the story best told?
Afterwards,  we were divided into 3 teams with the goal to construct a transmedia , social project, with connection to our group's name. I was in a "Hope"  group (I miss you guys).   

Thus, as soon as we learned the theoretical part, we implemented it in practice.
Each team had a coordinator, the experienced transmedia producer.  Nina Simoes , Brazilian interactive documentary maker, researcher, story architect, was our angel. 

transmédia specialiste
Anita Ondine
The experts: Anita, Inga, Lance, Jonathan were always nearby, ready to helped us at any stage of the project. 

The third day, we had to present the pitch in front of a group of professionals that came to judge it. 
I greatly  appreciated working on the team where everyone had a crucial role to play and where each  opinion was respected.  The brainstorming session was very creative: plenty of ideas.
We  also went through some tough moments. But we managed to overcome them and to present the project of "Olympics of Hope"

Our pitch: "All over the world the building that have been used for the Olympics have been left empty.  Millions of pounds of public money wasted.  The communities around them left empty. 
We want to create the Olympics of Hope - an opportunity for London to own one of the stadiums from the 2012 Olympics."

Clues to solve...
As we live in a connected world, during these 3 days we were receiving the Facebook messages, Twitters and the maps with the clues to solve  in order to help rescue the missing participant, apparently  kidnapped by "Topal".   

Additionally, we had to pay attention to a mysterious security man with black glasses that observed us and had a misleading behavior. 

Transmedia Next London 2012
Mysterious security man
To sum it up:  intense and unforgettable moments. 

The Transmedia concept is proof that we can work with experts from different fields and form teams where creativity is flowing and ideas are exchanged. It Is also proof that we can work with passion, with enthusiastic people and bring to life projects that make the world a better place.
So why not start doing Transmedia today?