mercredi 3 avril 2013

Digital Museum in Cracow, Poland: how to mix successfully history and modern technology

It's not a new concept to implement a digital content and supports in museum. Museums in Paris like that of the Quai Branly, others in Barcelona, Budapest and many others do it too.

However, the museum in Cracow "Rynek Underground" is some sort of a pioneer. They propose full digital experience and immerse the public from the very start into this world offering unforgettable memories. 

Digital Museum in Cracow, Rynek Underground
This underground exhibition presents Cracow main Square inXIII century and its connections with other Middle Age European cities.

The concept of this museum was extremely well prepared and includes many creative surprises. It's a mix of historical vestige, video and audio content, holograms, digital screens, reconstructions of market zones, houses, cemetery and much more. I could spend there half the day.
I'll describe a few of these attractions without letting you discover the rest, hoping you will visit it too soon. 

Digital museum in Cracow, Rynek Underground
You enter this dark world through the wall of steam that projects video of a typical shopping day in XVI century. As there are local audio zones, you hear the voices of bargaining women selling their products. On the floor, there is a digital game, kind of the same you can find in airports, but the goal is to step in and reveal golden pieces. The group of teenagers who visited the museum at the same time, was more than delightful to find them. 

Next to the historical objects are installed digital screens with chapters describing objects in details, their history, traditions in this period by using text and photos. Of course, all is explained in several languages. Sometimes screens are used as a digital book from XVI c. and we can virtually turn the  pages. 

Holograms of nearby buidings, digital museum in  Cracow

Holograms show you the different stages of constructions of nearby buildings. 

 Watch closely the digital screens showing painting of Polish kings - they have their mystery, too.

Time Capsule, digital museum in Cracow
  At the end, there are  "Time Capsules" with fiction films and comments of history scholars. 

I'm a fan of this museum and if one day you are in Cracow, visit it, it's worth it. 

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