lundi 3 juin 2013

Transmedia festival in Poland "Laboratory of Innovation", Warsaw, April 2013

Transmedia is everywhere. For the first time this year - in Festival de  Cannes ( in Cabinet of Curiosities -well, there is still some evangelization to do...). In Poland this trend is in an early phase of development.

  In April 2013 in Warsaw, together with Media Desk ( Joanna Wendorff and her great team), we presented to a Polish audience the bases of transmedia approach during the festival "Laboratory of Innovation"
Well-known experts in transmedia: Alison Norrington, Michel Reilhac, Jean-Pierre Magro and Christophe Cluzel revealed the bases of multiplatform approach illustrated by numbers of practical cases. The Polish audience received it with a huge curiosity and interest. I'm sure that soon you will hear about Polish transmedia projects. You can count on me to show them to you.

On the second day I ran a workshop "Experiment Transmedia", a mix of theory and practical use of transmedia with creative methods integrated into it.

 I was nicely surprised by  a few things: the number of professionals taking part in it, their enthusiasm and curiosity, their great team working skills and  creativity. At the end of the day they conceived the bases of projects that could be presented to potential clients. 
I noticed also that Twitter and QR codes are still not used in Poland,  but it's only a matter of time. Eastern -European market is developing rapidly.