vendredi 10 avril 2009

MIP TV: Endemol Group “ Our best kept secrets in 3D”

On Monday 30th March Ynon Kreiz , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Endemol Group, during the spectacular show revealed Endemol’s best kept secrets in 3D: a perfect and extremely well prepared presentation!

Endemol –a global company with a local approach.

The 1st secret is that Endemol is a global company – the secret that everybody knows, I guess.
The company was established 15 years ago and today this group has businesses in every territory around the world. It produces more than 40 000 hours of programs per year becoming one of the largest TV cross-platform company in the world.
However they keep local approach – and this is their strength: they employ local managers who have a perfect knowledge of local culture and local needs.

Endemol – the worldwide creativity network

The 2nd best secret – they have hits, programs that are global blockbusters such as Big Brother and Deal or No Deal.
To create a hit like these ones, they focus on creativity. Each year, they produce 2000 hours of original programs and more than 200 new formats have been created last year. The principal goal? Create a format that will be a hit.
Moreover, Endemol develops a creative global network that Ynon Kreiz called “the DNA of our group”. In each country, they have a creative department which develops new ideas and formats. All those local teams are connected to Endemol global creative team and they have regular meetings during the year in order to develop new projects. It’s the world’s biggest brain storm team, a continuous process of new ideas generation.
Despite the economic crisis, Endemol invests and will invest even more heavily in the development of creativity.

Endemol - the diversity of its offer

Maybe it will be a surprise for most of you, Endemol produces not only reality shows but also:
- drama series: well developed in Spain, Italy
- tele-novels: they established a partnership with Telemundo
- drama production: in Australia Endemol’s drama productions represent 40% of the market.


The economy of scale and local productions enable Endemol to realize the significant costs savings.
Its hits attract the brands that participate in the funding of the programs.
Moreover, the distribution starts to be a core of the Endemol business.
During this show we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Big Brother, program that was broadcasted in 65 countries so far. In 2008, Big Brother was broadcasted in 40 countries and for the 1st time in Israel.

Urszula Gleisner-Nawroski