jeudi 30 avril 2009

MIP TV: Interview with Jonathan Taylor, Vice President of PR, Starz Media, LLC

Starz Media, Starz Entertainment and Overture Films are three businesses of a US company: STARZ , a subsidiary of Liberty Media. Starz, LLC produces the content, , delivers it through its own pay TV networks, distributes it digitally and via DVD, and provides it directly to viewers through internet. Starz Media well –known productions are: “The Simpsons, “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!“ ,


Why did you participate in MIP TV?
MIP TV is an important market for Starz Media. We’ve had continually growing success providing programming for networks around the world. From feature films to TV movies and series, to short-form content for broadband outlets, we’re creating and distributing entertainment in all formats and delivered to audiences however and whenever they want it. For us, as with most big entertainment companies, the international marketplace is vitally important, and MIP TV is one of the small handful of key markets on the international calendar.

What are your impressions of this MIP TV?
Like most attendees, we arrived in Cannes unsure of the vitality of the marketplace, and the fate of the MIP TV market, but by the time we left, we’d had a strong market and came away with renewed confidence in the viability of the global TV market. As always it comes down to having the right content for international buyers. We brought a mixture of movies, series, specials, animation and more, and found a hungry group of buyers. That said, things are certainly different. There were fewer companies exhibiting, and noticeably smaller crowds. But the key buyers and sellers were there, and plenty of business was conducted. We’re now looking forward to Mipcom in October.

Urszula Gleisner-Nawroski