jeudi 10 mai 2012

Hit in France and the most commented show in the world : "BREF"

One of the most commented series in the world, transmedia French comedy "Bref"  is a great hit in France and abroad.  During this MIPTV, The Wit classified it among  the first 3 most popular shows in a world. In France it's a real success story, an event that never happened before.  

Only after 3 weeks of broadcasting on Canal+, Pay TV Channel, and on the social media,  it had already 600 000 fans on Facebook. ­ Today, there are about 2,5 mln fans. 

The pitch of this show is what life is all about : first we were born, in the end we die. Between the two, things happen. Bref, it's the story of a guy in between the two.

It's a short comedy - each episode lasts about  2 minutes- that shows real life of a normal guy in his thirties.  Boasting a great sense of humor, funny actions,  a swift narration mainly via voice over and post-production effects that "cut" the plot make it a hit.

Two authors: Kyan Khojandi and  Bruno Muschio didn't predict that they would create an outbreaking  event. Thay  just came up with a good idea.   Canal+, which invested  in the original series, gave them a chance and they put all their hearts into it. Harry Tordjman from My Box Productions,  produced it. 

It's a quality series. 6 days are needed to produce 1 episode: 2 days for writing the screenplay, 1 day for the shooting - approximately 4 hours of shooting for 2 minutes- and 3 to 4 days of post-production, ie coding, special effects, VO, calibrating, etc.  

Today, there are 64 episodes and  it's a second running. 
In march 2012, DVD with the first 40 shows was on the market.

Of course guest stars appeared in "Bref", but in an original way: almost 20 of them are combined in one episode "Bref, there are people who get on my nerves” and the main character talks to them without knowing that they are famous. 

 The first episodes were broadcast in September 2011 on Canal+ and almost simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. The authors negotiated with Canal+ that every episode could be accessible freely on website for a long period of time, not only for 7 days, as it's a common habit in France (after it's a VOD). 

Moreover, on April 30 2012, Canal+ included "Bref" in its widgets on IPhone  Canalplus and on IPad CanalTouch.

The account on social media is managed directly by the authors, not by Canal+. Page Twitter @brefserie is hold by @navavo and @kyank.
Kyan Khojandi and  Bruno Muschio are young, "connected" authors from generation Y, who surf on internet, watch videos on Youtube, zap them rapidly. They created this comedy for a TV  channel, but in a way that it is perfectly fitting for the  web.

Well, I'm definitively a fan, what about you?

liens vers le vod de bref sur Canal +