mercredi 9 mai 2012

Practical cases of digital signage in transport: Barcelona, Paris and Warsaw.

Digital signage like posters,  interactive posters and tv channels in transport have become an  integrated part of our lives. 

TV in buses in Barcelona
Mini TV channels placed especially in metros, buses are very helpful to kill time when going to work, to keep inform about news, cultural events, cinema, and entertain us when we going back home after a long day’s work. It's also an efficient means of advertising.
I get used to watching them when I'm travelling abroad. In Warsaw, Poland, I watch news in buses and in undergrounds. In Barcelona, Spain, screens welcome me in the bus  I take from the airport to the city center. So I have quick outlook at what's going on while I'm staying there.
MouTV screen in Barcelona
Moreover, In Barcelona there are also screens in the underground stations, between railways and in trains.  JCDecaux launched MouTV in Barcelona and signed a partnership withTransportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona (TMB). Today the network has 19 inch screens inside 48 buses, large format projection screens on the platforms of 31 underground stations and 126 screens of 32 and 42 inches on platforms at other stations. 
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In Paris, France,  digital signage is not as developed as in other European cities.  Only a few months ago Samsung screens with ads started to appear in the underground.  There are no tv channels in trains, nor in buses. I wonder why is France an exception. 

photo of Urszula Gleisner sit in Samsung
Samsung media space in airport, Paris
However, many efforts are made in airports where there is true high-tech strategy. For example there is a Samsung media space where we can relax, listen to the music, watch videos, connect our smartphones  to seats fitted with loudspeakers . Or even tables that can be used as a batteries and where we can recharge our smartphones.  And in "Digital Corner" we have access to interactive, touchscreen table where we can play games while waiting for our plane .